Resignation boom among the youngest

There is also a boom in resignations in Italy, especially among younger employees. According to the latest study by Alight Solutionsthe business transformation specialist, the one that in the United States has already been framed as a phase of Great Resignation due to the pandemic is also affecting our country. It affects every sector a little, but obviously Alight has an eye for more organized companies.

Well, during the second quarter of 2021 the discharge rate in Northern Italy between the age group between 26 and 35 has increased by 85% compared to the same period in 2020. There is talk of voluntary resignation in the wake of YOLO (You Only Live Once) economy, “the philosophy that focuses on personal well-being“. In summary Gen Z (1996-2010) and Millenials (1981-1995), thanks to the outbreak and the protraction of the pandemic emergency state, they are redefining their respective priorities and expectations.

Alight Solutions, in research The era of HR Agile, argues that for the under-40s, one of the four main factors that determine the choice of a company is “the adoption of a corporate culture aligned with their personal values”. It is clear that a possible contrast of visions can persuade you to leave.

Secondly, there is the theme of alternating between hours spent in the office and working from home. If in 2020 another report revealed that two thirds of respondents (64.8%) were in favor of a hybrid work solution that did not exclude any of the alternatives. Now this has become “an essential prerogative of the labor market“. In practice i young people aspire to have maximum flexibility to be able to reconcile work and private life.

“Companies that choose to employ staff only in the office all the time or who opt for a 100% remote way of working could displease a significant portion of their workforce,” said Alight Solutions.

A third point concerns the employer’s liability in the encourage the development of the skills of its employees. “Today, in fact, the resources are mainly looking for companies willing to invest in their professional growth“, continues the specialist.”This sentiment turned out to be very widespread especially among the members of Generation Z and the Millennials“.

49% of these two groups said they would be willing to quit if their employer did not offer them career prospects. Then there is also the question of transparency on remuneration. In short, most of the interviewees want greater visibility on wages, in particular, “almost half of Generation Z members (48.6%) said they want more transparency when it comes to Total Reward policies“.

Finally, 25.3% of Millennials are convinced that over time they will not be able to do their current job for long, “for physical or psychological reasons, and will therefore be forced to learn new skills or even change jobs“.

Here is an overall explanation of the main reasons for dissatisfaction that contribute to the increase in resignations. And the prospect is that this rate will continue to rise. “To better understand how to deal with this phenomenon, companies will therefore have to identify the reasons behind their turnover and will have to proactively meet the expectations of the new generations.“concludes Alight Solutions.