revealed the contents that will leave the platform in these days

A lot of movies and TV series arrive, but many others leave. On Netflix it works like this, either it produces results or it is canceled with no ifs and buts. And before February 2022 ends, there are several headlines in the coming days they will leave the platform.

The giant of streaming on demand has in fact revealed which titles will be from February 28, 2022 will no longer be available to subscribers. There are so many and they add up to those who have already lost their place in the catalog of Netflix. Let’s find out together the complete list of all the contents that will leave the platform from today until February 28th.

Netflix: Movies and TV series that will leave the platform

A large number of movie And TV series these days they will leave the platform. Netflix announced those who from today until February 28 will no longer see the light. Many users will be disappointed because among these there are films that are really appreciated and successful, but with the streaming giant it is like this: there are those who come and there are those who go.

So let’s see by date what are the contents that will leave the platform to make way for the news arriving in March 2022 on Netflix.

The farewell calendar

Let’s start with the content that will be leaving Netflix today, February 26, 2022:

  • Force 2 – Movie
  • High in Love – Film

We continue with the titles that will no longer be available from tomorrow, February 27, 2022:

  • La Llorona – The tears of evil – Film
  • Le Iene – Film
  • Crazy About Me – Film
  • Shazam! – Movie

We conclude with the movies and TV series that will leave Netflix on February 28, 2022:

  • 5 is the Perfect Number – Film
  • At the top of the tension – Film
  • Anaconda – Film
  • Blow – Film
  • Reinforced concrete – Film
  • Arctic Heart – Film
  • From thief to policeman – Film
  • Easy Girl – Film
  • Final Destination – Film
  • Final Destination 5 – Film
  • Final Destination 3D – Film
  • First Sunday – There is no more Religion! – Movie
  • Godzilla (2014) – Film
  • The Reserve Cops – Film
  • Blood in the Mouth – Film
  • In this corner of the world – Film
  • Julius Jr – Tv Series
  • Loo Loo Kids: The Musical Adventures of Johnny and His Friends – Film
  • Will you introduce me to yours? – Movie
  • Mister Bugia – Film
  • My All American – Film
  • Nila – Film
  • Don’t Open That Door (2003) – Film
  • Pasolini – Film
  • Radio Rebel – Film
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Film
  • Dumber and Dumber – Film
  • Without Tomorrow – Film
  • Stay away from me – Movies
  • Suspiria – Film
  • Sylvanian Families: Delightful Mini Episodes! – Movie
  • Sylvanian Families: Everyone Dreams of Flying – Film
  • Takers – Film
  • The Dragon Dentist – Tv Series
  • The Equalizer – The Avenger – Film
  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose – Film
  • The Foreigner – Film
  • The Social Network – Film
  • The Truman Show – Film
  • V for Vendetta – Film
  • Zohan – All women come to a head – Film