Lifetime licenses of Window 10 at € 10 and Microsoft Office at € 20: discounts up to 91%!

The end of February and the beginning of the summer, especially with the restart of the activities and entering the hot moment of the school year, are an important time to develop your software station and equip yourself with the most important tools of your operation. daily: thanks to one 91% discount you can do all this with a negligible expense and by putting your hand to genuine “lifetime” software licenses, such that Windows 10 can start from 12 euros and Office from 22 euros. All you have to do is apply an exclusive coupon from the catalog VIPKeySale, follow the instructions below and proceed with the download. Also be careful: once you have installed Windows 10, all you have to do is wait for the free upgrade of the operating system to switch to Windows 11 at no cost. Easier than you think and spending much less than you imagined.

Here are the VIPKeySale offers on Windows and Office available with the VIPFF discount code:

All you have to do is connect to the VIPKeySale site, register with your Facebook or Google account and during the purchase process enter the VIPPF code which will guarantee you an immediate 30% discount on the purchase of the products listed above.

How to activate the discount code: first, after logging in, go to the page of the desired product.

Windows 10 discount

Once the product has been placed in the cart, simply complete the check-out without forgetting to enter the discount code in the space provided: it is this element that authorizes the final price cut with an additional 30% compared to the value indicated in the VIPkeysale catalog. What you will receive at the end of the operation is a license code that you can apply to your software, thus obtaining perennial authentication and the ability to access all the features and updates distributed.

Discounts VIPKeySale VIPFF

At this point you will see the discount applied directly to the item in the cart and you can proceed with the payment:

VIPKeySale discounts

To activate the Windows 10 license, simply go to the Windows “Settings” and, in the “Activation” tab, click on the “Change product key” button. A window will open where you can enter the Windows activation code that you have just purchased.

VIPKeySale discounts

Activating your new Windows 10 license is extremely simple (as for all the other software in the catalog) and at this point you will have the doors wide open towards the upgrade to the new Windows 11 dimension.

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