Revolut now supports PagoPA payments: how it works

Revolut, a well-known and appreciated card-account – in Italy it has over 650 thousand users – for its numerous advantages, has announced a very interesting new function to add to the list: support for PagoPA payments for free, that is with cleared commissions.

PagoPA without commissions on Revolut: news and availability

If PagoPA is no longer a novelty for anyone – the unified payment system towards the Public Administration is now part of the everyday life of all Italian citizens and brings with it improvements in terms of simplification and efficiency -, the announcement just arrived from Revolut it is instead a absolute unpublished: this is the first operator not to charge the customer with any fees for the intermediation of the service.

In this regard, Elena Lavezzi, General Manager Italy and Southern Europe of Revolut, commented in these terms: “Revolut once again confirms itself as a game-changer in the financial landscapethen underlining how “not only have we integrated pagoPA into our platform to allow our customers to use the service in the fast and easy way that has always distinguished us, but we have also decided to eliminate commissions in the wake of what we have already been offering for years, to ensure that people gain more power in managing their money and do not find themselves paying unnecessary commissions when they are already paying a tax“.

Already starting today, a part of Revolut’s Italian customers will be able to start taking advantage of the new function by getting rid of the commissions and soon the advantage will be available to everyone: PagoPA payments are active immediately for iOS users, while those Android they will have to be patient for a few more weeks.

PagoPA payments on Revolut: how they work

At this point you are probably wondering how to proceed to make a PagoPA payment with your Revolut card. Well, know that it is very simple, the necessary steps are none other than these:

  • update the Revolut application to the latest version available (here is the link to the App Store for iOS and the one at the Google Play Store for Android);
  • tap on the icon with two arrows to access the Payments tab;
  • tap on the QR code icon at the top right and scan the QR code inside the payment notice;
  • verify that all details are correct and approve the payment.

To all this is added an additional convenience: all receipts of payments carried out remain stored in the list of transactions, therefore there is no risk of losing them and it is possible to download them at any time for any needs.

As a result of this further new addition, Revolut increasingly presents itself as an all-round hub through which to manage one’s payments and investments, providing all the tools for an agile use of one’s money, whether it is to buy cryptocurrencies – an area in which it has been a forerunner for competing services that could soon catch up – or more simply to make transfers, or even manage their credit cards and their overall budget.

Without a doubt, the integration of PagoPA payments – now the reference standard for payments to the Public Administration: since the beginning of the year there have been almost 47 million transactions on the platform, for a value of approximately 8 billion euros, almost double compared to the previous year. last year -, and moreover without additional costs to be paid by the customer, makes the Revolut card even more attractive, thanks to a business card embellished by the presence of an important and free service. Being able to pay TARI, IMU, ASL services, car tax and much more comfortably from the application of your card-account is a considerable advantage, especially when the commissions are removed from the equation. The hope is that Revolut’s example will soon be followed by many others.

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