Revolut, support for the PagoPA circuit arrives. Without commissions

On Revolut i arrive payments through the PagoPA circuitto pay taxes, duties and fees without commissions, regardless of the plan subscribed. The news is already available on iOS (it is necessary to update the app to the latest version via the App Store), and will arrive in the next few weeks on Android. To make a payment through this circuit, the official procedure is as follows:

  • Tap the two arrow icon to open the Payments tab
  • Tap the QR code icon at the top right and scan the QR code inside the payment notification
  • Check the details and approve the payment

The app will automatically save all receipts in the transaction list, so that they are easy to find in the future as well. The absence of commissions, a policy already seen in the past with SEPA transfers, is undoubtedly a nice “plus” compared to what happens in more traditional platforms: you can also get to € 2.50 per transaction.

The official PagoPA FAQ notes that the commissions existed well before the arrival of PagoPA (even, say, an “old school” mail bulletin has a cost) and that are necessary to ensure that the transaction occurs in a safe and guaranteed way. The difference is that before they were not always expressed transparently to the citizen.

The explanation of this cost, PagoPA notes, has a series of positive consequences (for the end user) on the whole mechanism: “making commission costs visible favors competition, producing a leveling down of the relative costs and an increase in the quality of the service offered”, read the official FAQ. And in fact this is exactly what we arrived at with Revolut. In fact, Elena Lavezzi, General Manager of fintech for Italy and all of Southern Europe says:

Revolut once again confirms itself as a game-changer in the financial landscape: not only have we integrated pagoPA into our platform to allow our customers to use the service with the easy and fast way that has always distinguished us, but we have also decided to eliminate commissions in the wake of what we have already been offering for years, to ensure that people gain more power in managing their money and that they do not find themselves paying unnecessary commissions when they are already paying a tax.