Samsung Galaxy S22, Plus and Ultra this is how much they will cost in Europe

Until now, because the leaker Roland Quandt – very reliable in this field – has published a tweet in which he announces the prices of the entire series, underlining among other things how Covid, the crisis of the components, and inflation may have influenced the final positioning, swelling of it the value. Here is basically what to expect:

  • Galaxy S22 8 / 128GB: 849 euros
  • Galaxy S22 8 / 256GB: 899 euros
  • Galaxy S22 Plus 8 / 128GB: 1,049 euros
  • Galaxy S22 Plus 8 / 256GB: 1,099 euros
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra 8 / 128GB: 1,249 euros
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra 12 / 256GB: 1,349 euros
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra 12 / 512GB: 1,449 euros

To get an even more precise picture, let’s compare these alleged prices for the European market with those of the launch of the Galaxy S21 and its variants. Please note that those reported by Roland Quandt may differ from country to country.

  • Galaxy S21 8 / 128GB: 879 euros
  • Galaxy S21 8 / 256GB: 929 euros
  • Galaxy S21 Plus 8 / 128GB: 1079 euros
  • Galaxy S21 Plus 8 / 256GB: 1129 euros
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 12 / 128GB: 1279 euros
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 12 / 256GB: 1329 euros
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 16 / 512GB: 1459 euros

In a nutshell, Galaxy S22 and version should cost 30 euros less compared to their predecessors. The 12 / 256GB variant of the Ultra is given at 20 euros more than the S21 Ultra, while the 12 / 512GB top range could cost 10 euros less than the 2021 model. However, it must be taken into account that the model more pushed Galaxy S21 Ultra offers 16GB of RAM, compared to 12GB of S22 Ultra.

At least there is good news: compared to the prices that emerged at the beginning of the month, those reported by Quandt are slightly lower. The official announcement is now very little: just a little more patience and we will know everything.

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