Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with WearOS at 177 €: pressure and ECG (-92 €)

The excellent Samsung Galaxy Watch 4equipped with the operating system WearOSis in great discount on Amazon now. An exceptional wrist monitor, perfect for sports and health, also allows you to check your blood pressure and take an ECG whenever you need it.

An excellent top-of-the-range wearable, perfect extension of your smartphone’s potential, now at almost € 100 less for the Bluetooth version with 40mm case. Complete your order on the fly to take advantage of it and enjoy fast and free shipping, guaranteed by Prime services.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 at Crazy Price on Amazon

A top of the range wearable, there is no doubt about this. A device of the South Korean giant that is however equipped with an excellent customization of the famous WearOS.

This little gem is missing nothing. From the highly visible panel, you can intuitively control notifications and manage all device settings. Lots of features dedicated to sport And health: Train and take care of yourself to the fullest with the help of this advanced wrist assistant.

Realize whenever you want a ECG or check the amount of oxygen present in the blood in addition to the heartbeat, of course. It is a monitor that can offer you particularly precise estimates and the beauty that you can do it at any time, without having to resort to external devices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 it is a product to be discovered. With almost 100 € discount you can take home a top-of-the-range smartwatch, which does not compromise at any point in the data sheet. Complete your order now from Amazon to grab the Bluetooth version in the 40 mm case for just about € 177. Shipping is fast and free, but availability is limited.

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