Zuckerberg wants us to use Instagram more, removed the minor time limits for using the app

According to the site TechCrunch, Instagram is interrupting the less time limit options use of the application and encourages users to update their settings. Initially, users could select a minimum time limit Of five minutes a daywhile the new options start at 30 minutes and come up to three hours.

In the screenshots sent to TechCrunch by a Instagram user which had previously set a daily limit of 10 minutesa popup now appears at the top of the feed urging him to set up a new limit value daily based on an app update. Although the popup indicates that the user can keep the existing limit if they wish, clicking on the edit button will direct them to select a preset option, the lowest of which is 30 minutes. An additional popup on the activity page in the app then says that the value of 10 minutes “no longer supported”.

The user states that the app sent a reminder to change the setting within a couple of weeks, and that it was able to avoid selecting a new limit only with one forced closure.

Instagram has introduced the option to set daily time limits in 2018with company representatives saying they want to increase the awareness of the users in order to improve their “well-being”. Time throttling features were implemented in response to criticism received from technology companies about to the effect their products have had on well-being of users.

Now this commitment to empower users looks in contrast with today’s decision of remove time limits shorter from the app. In November, when the “take a break“was being tested, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri pointed out that”you know what is best for you when using the application“A slightly longer time limit may not be an issue for most people on Instagram, but it does indicate that the company may be more worried that users don’t spend enough time on the platform rather than making sure their time is well spent.

And certainly i have a role in this disappointing fourth quarter results, which have written off 20% of the company’s value. Meta’s growth teams may have outlined some strategies to increase the user involvement existing in order to recover the blow immediately.