Samsung Refunds from 300 to 700 euros with the purchase of a Neo QLED TV

Samsung kicked off the promotion “With Neo QLED, Christmas comes sooner“, valid until December 24th, 2021. The initiative makes it possible to obtain reimbursement with an amount ranging from 300 to 700 euros when you buy a Neo QLED Ultra HD or 8K TV. The models covered by the promotion and the related refunds are as follows:

  • QE85QN900ATXZT: refund of 700 euros
  • QE85QN800ATXZT: refund of 700 euros
  • QE75QN900ATXZT: refund of 700 euros
  • QE75QN800ATXZT: refund of 700 euros
  • QE65QN900ATXZT: refund of 700 euros
  • QE85QN90AATXZT: refund of 700 euros
  • QE65QN800ATXZT: refund of 500 Euros
  • QE75QN95AATXZT: refund of 500 Euros
  • QE75QN90AATXZT: refund of 500 Euros
  • QE75QN85AATXZT: refund of 500 Euros
  • QE65QN95AATXZT: refund of 500 Euros
  • QE65QN90AATXZT: refund of 500 Euros
  • QE55QN700ATXZT: refund of 300 euros
  • QE65QN85AATXZT: refund of 300 euros
  • QE55QN95AATXZT: refund of 300 euros
  • QE55QN90AATXZT: refund of 300 euros
  • QE55QN85AATXZT: refund of 300 euros
  • QE50QN90AATXZT: refund of 300 euros

To obtain a refund, you must register your purchase on the Samsung site within 15 days from the date of delivery of the product. The points of sale participating in the initiative are all those displaying the related advertising material and the following online shops (listed in the regulation in Annex A):

  • (including the “Samsung Partners Reward” and “Samsung Student” programs);
  •;;;; expert;
  •; on; (no Marketplace);; online;
  • ollo. it; (no Marketplace);;;

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