Samsung Refunds up to 200 euros with the purchase of Neo QLED soundbars and TVs

Samsung kicked off two promotions concerning the purchase of the S Series soundbar And Q Series (here is the first news on the 2022 range). The “Sound, your design element” initiative is valid until February 28th and allows you to obtain a refund with a value between 50 and 100 euros. The products valid for the promotion and related refunds are as follows:

  • HW-S50A / ZF: refund of 50 euros
  • HW-S60A / ZF And HW-S61A / ZF: refund of 100 euros

To receive a refund, you must register your purchase on the Samsung site by 14 March 2022. The points of sale participating in the initiative are all those displaying the related advertising material and the online shops listed in the regulation in Annex A (the regulation is available at this address). The promotion cannot be combined with other initiatives (combined sales and/or prize events) promoted on the same products promoted by Samsung Electronics Italia.

The second initiative promoted by Samsung, valid until February 18, instead takes the name of “Extraordinary alone, perfect together” and has as its object the combined purchase of a Neo QLED TV and Q Series soundbar. Below is the list of soundbars and their refunds:

  • HW-Q600A / ZF: refund of 50 euros
  • HW-Q700A / ZF: refund of 100 euros
  • HW-Q800A / ZF: refund of 150 euros
  • HW-Q900A / ZF And HW-Q950A / ZF: refund of 200 euros

To obtain a refund, a Neo QLED must be combined in the same deed of purchase (only one receipt):

  • QE85QN900ATXZT
  • QE85QN800ATXZT
  • QE75QN900ATXZT
  • QE75QN800ATXZT
  • QE65QN900ATXZT
  • QE65QN800ATXZT
  • QE55QN700ATXZT

Also in this case the purchase must be registered by 14 March 2022. The list of online stores participating in the initiative is reported in the regulation in Annex A, while for points of sale with physical headquarters, the display of advertising material is always valid.

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