Samsung talks about the design of the Galaxy S22 and the new Over the Horizon

Samsung Electronics recently proved what it is capable of with the new flagships of the series Galaxy S22 (without forgetting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablets) and now he wanted to explain how the design was born of its new reference smartphones. In addition to this, the iconic “Over the Horizon“, Which for years made the brand’s devices immediately recognizable, has been renewed: the 2022 version is a combination of sound and graphic arts.

How the design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 was born: key points

Samsung says it wanted to create a design identity very specific for the series, basing it on the belief that originality comes from a combination of profound reflection, careful research, time, and commitment.

As for the design of the Galaxy S series, Samsung has always aspired to create simple, flat shapes in harmony with technology. The manufacturer speaks of a combination of balance and solidity, with smooth lines that recall the curves of the dunes. The design philosophy of the series confers priority only to the truly essential elements to create a unique identity and in the case of the Galaxy S22 this has resulted in the creation of a flat design with symmetry between front and back; at the same time, the edges have been sanded to create a smooth and elegant overall look.

Samsung has also worked to redefine the camera layout of the three smartphones, creating a style that will be maintained in the future of the Galaxy S series. As for Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S22 +, the positioning is such that the camera module is equidistant from the horizontal and vertical edges of the devices, giving an impression of greater finishing. Furthermore, in both models, the choice of colors was made to give a feeling of uniformity. Unlike last year, the photographic module – which has a waterproof structure and has been redesigned and simplified – is visibly separated from the side frame, but is better connected to the rest of the back cover.

Samsung is convinced that technological innovation and performance must go hand in hand with a design that simplifies the user experience and helps users to express themselves. The expression used is “Newness Beyond Innovation“.

As for the new flagship model Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – which has picked up the legacy of the Note series not only for the integration of the S Pen but also for a more square and robust-looking design – the team at Samsung has worked hard. especially to eliminate the camera-bump and integrate and harmonize the photographic module with the rest of the back cover, while a particular finish was used for the mirrored metal frame of the individual cameras (according to Samsung, it should create the sensation that the camera floats above the body of the device) which, seen from the right angle, reflects the color of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s new trademark is the S Penfull of functions – app in Compact Mode via Air Command menu, Samsung Notes (with the possibility of saving links and web pages in pop-up or split-screen without leaving the app in use in the foreground), and much more – and with latency reduced by 70% compared to the previous one.

All three smartphones benefit from the revamped One UI, which includes useful novelties such as Smart Widgetwhich, by grouping, the widgets used most frequently, automatically shows the most useful ones based on time and location (upcoming events, Galaxy Buds battery to be recharged, and the like). For more details on the One UI 4.1 and the new Samsung Walletwe refer you to our dedicated articles here and here.

Ultimately, for the Galaxy S22 Samsung wanted to create a design that was modern and trendy but at the same time elegant and classy. This also affected the colors proposed for the three models: all exist in Phantom Black, Phantom White, and Green; Galaxy S22 and S22 + also in Pink Gold, while Galaxy S22 Ultra in Burgundy. The manufacturer interprets them as follows: Phantom Black is the color that reflects the premium positioning of the terminals; Phantom White, with its bright color and the reflections of the metal elements, conveys a message of hope and positivity; Green is the color in step with the times; Burgundy accentuates the luxurious connotation of Galaxy S22 Ultra; Pink Gold features a nano-coating and two layers to create a play of color and texture.

For all the customization possibilities offered by the numerous official accessories, we refer you to our dedicated article. It must be said that Samsung also talked about sustainability, starting with the sales package that uses 100% recycled paper and includes smaller accessories and manuals to reduce the overall volume (by 56% compared to the Galaxy S20). The next models may also lose another accessory. The downside is that, to make the most of the features of the new smartphones (such as fast charging), you need to buy accessories separately, with attached sales packages.

Finally, the manufacturer has promised innovations that will also take into account user feedback. The video dedicated to the design is visible at this link.

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Over the Horizon 2022: images and music

The ringtone “Over the Horizon” Has accompanied Samsung smartphones for over a decade of history and each new generation of Galaxy S has offered contemporary artists the opportunity to create remixes more in line with the mood of the ever-changing world.

For the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung wanted to create a marriage of music and images, combining the vision of the current world of two artists. The theme of the new version is “New World” And look at one post-pandemic reality through Jazztronik music and illustrations full of passion.

The musical part was entrusted to the LA pianist and producer Kiefer Shackleford, who spoke of a pleasant experience and a feeling that Samsung wanted to make music, not just a ringtone. The challenge dictated by the brevity of the composition was faced by creating a melody that conveys hope, optimism, but also a bit of melancholy. TO this link find his words.

Phil Beaudreau, a Grammy-nominated artist, and producer, accompanied the music with drawings of a familiar world after the pandemic, with characters that evoke a bit of nostalgia for times when you interacted and smiled freely and fearlessly. The overall vision of creation is that of a world that has overcome the pandemic and emerges better thanks to the memory of what has been learned and the desire to restart and create new bonds.

There “Over the Horizon“2022.

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