Samsung tops the TV market for the sixteenth consecutive year

Samsung confirmed its position as the world’s leading television manufacturer for the sixteenth consecutive year. This is confirmed by the data reported by the analysts of Omdiaobviously referring to 2021. The Korean giant has won a market share equal to 29.5% in terms of revenues and al 19.8% by quantity of pieces sold. The numbers provided by Omdia show excellent results even in the high end of the market, the one made up of the range QLED TV, i.e. LCDs with Quantum Dot. Overall, Samsung placed approx 26 million QLEDs in the five years following its launch, dated 2017.

According to Omdia, QLED sales stood at 9.43 million in 2021; among these it is estimated that there are about 1 million Neo QLEDs, models with Mini LEDs. The almost 9 and a half million units represent a remarkable growth if compared to previous years: it went from 800,000 televisions with Quantum Dot in 2017 to 2.6 million in 2018, then rising to 5.32 million in 2019 and 7, 79 million in 2020. The revenues generated by QLEDs in the premium segment, the one from 2,500 dollars and up, has always been above 40% since launch; in 2021 the share was 44.5%.

It is therefore not surprising that Samsung is the current dominator of the premium range as well: the market share achieved last year was equal to 42.1% in terms of revenues, a figure that rises further up to 44.9% for models with a diagonal of 80 “or more. Recall that Samsung has been leading the TV market since 2006thanks to the success achieved with Bordeaux TV (here we retrace the evolution of design from 2006 to 2021).

However, Samsung is not the only one to have achieved a positive result in 2021. Even the compatriot LG maintained its position and confirmed second with a share of 18.5% for revenues and 12.8 in volume, corresponding to 27.3 million televisions. I about 4.05 million OLED TVs sold in 2021 they are worth 62% of the entire market made up of screens with organic emitters. The average price of an OLED TV was around $ 1,860, more than three times the price of an LCD (about $ 508).

The combined share of the two Korean brands is worth 48% of the entire TV market revenue. In third position, again for revenues, we find Sony with 9.5%followed by TCL with 8% and from Hisense with 6.8%. Globally sales in 2021 suffered a contraction corresponding to 1.932 million on an annual basis, for a total of 213.54 million, the lowest figure since 2010; however, it should be specified that in 2020 there was an increase caused by the pandemic.