Samsung, with the Galaxy S22 will also arrive two new wireless chargers

There are now just a few hours left until the launch of the new range of Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones and Galaxy Tab S8 tablets. The cards now seemed all uncovered, but there is still time for a small indiscretion relating to accessories: specifically of two wireless charging bases which, according to colleagues from WinFuture, will be the Wireless Charger EP-P2400 and the Duo Wireless Charger EP-P5400. It is easy to understand from the name what the differences are between the two models, and the images should clear up any remaining doubts. Note that each of the accessories will be available in both black and white.

The Duo model has an asymmetrical design with a slightly lowered pad and one perfectly flush with the external body: in this case, there is a small circle that indicates the center of the charger and therefore the ideal position for matching the device to be charged. Note that icons of the ideal device type for each specific pad are also shown. Finally, there is a USB-C port for power.

Regarding the technical specifications of power/speed we do not know anything for sure, but it is safe to assume that they will push up to 15W – which should be the maximum speed supported by the Galaxy S22, barring a very unlikely collective crab taken by the various leakers in the last few weeks. We have no concrete information on prices or availability either. Appointment this afternoon from 16 onwards to find out all the details left!