Siri, the voice for the LGBTQ + community arrives on iOS 15.4

Among the slightly less in sight of iOS 15.4 that Apple released in beta yesterday there is one that concerns Siriand that in hindsight should make everyone happy because it continues in that furrow of inclusiveness that Apple started about a year ago, when with iOS 14.5 the assistant no longer had the female voice by default but left the user to choose which model to use in the configuration phase.

Then Apple gave its voice assistant two options recorded by black voice actors, finally (but the hope is that it is not a point of arrival) now Siri earns a voice with a more nuanced gender characterization, less defined. In this first phase, the novelty is reserved for those who use Siri in English and in all likelihood the “exclusive” will remain stable when iOS 15.4 is released. The hope is that – but it will take a lot of resources – Apple is committed to offering the same variety of choices to those who interact in other languages ​​as well.

Apple confirmed that the new Siri voice was registered by a member of the LGBTQ + community, without sharing any other information. However, he entrusted a comment to

We are thrilled to offer English speakers a new Siri voice, thus giving them more options to choose a voice that they identify with – Apple said. Millions of people around the world are turning to Siri daily, so we work to deliver the most personalized experience possible.