Upload metaverse returns to Prime video with season two | Trailer

Amazon announced that the second season of Upload will return to Prime Video Friday 11 March 2022 and will consist of 7 episodes lasting 30 minutes each. The occasion allowed to show the official poster of the second season and also a special video summary of the first tranche of episodes, very useful for dusting off when narrated, reviewing the main characters and the highlights of the plot. But now the time is ripe for the first official trailer, recently published on the official page of the streaming service.

The whole story of Upload revolves around a kind of digital afterlife, a particular metaverse dedicated to the dead and made possible by the technology of the not too distant future. There are many unresolved questions, including a complex love triangle and the lack of answers regarding a possible murder.

Here she is summary clipwhile if you have not really seen the first season, the advice is to devote some time to it on Prime Video and stop reading here, since in the second part you will find several spoilers.

Uploadis a sci-fi comedy series created by Emmy Award-winning author Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks and Recreation ), set in a technologically advanced future where phones with holograms, 3D food printers and automatic supermarkets are the norm. Most importantly, humans can choose to be “loaded” into a virtual afterlife. While waiting for the release of the second season we leave you to the official synopsis.

In the second season of UploadNathan finds himself at a crossroads in his afterlife … Ingrid, his girlfriend, has unexpectedly arrived in Lakeview in hopes of strengthening their relationship, but his heart still secretly longs for Nora, his “angel” of service. clients. Meanwhile, Nora has come out of the system and is involved in the activities of a rebel and anti-technological group, the “Ludds”. Season 2 is packed with new elements of the near future, including Lakeview’s brand new digital kids’ app program called “prototykes,” and other satirical glimpses of technological advancements and problems to come.


Amazon Prime Video has released the first and highly anticipated trailer for the second season. We propose it to follow, enjoy!