GoDeal24: Windows 11 for € 14.26, Microsoft Office for € 18.11 for a limited time

Microsoft recently announced that it will release the first major Windows 11 update in mid-2022 and has begun testing those changes with users in the Release Preview and Beta channels.

One of the changes in the upcoming Windows 11 update is the addition of the clock and date to the secondary monitor taskbars.

Microsoft is also re-adding a feature to share content from folders to open apps directly from the Windows 11 taskbar. This is in addition to a feature that allows you to quickly disable and re-enable active video calls from the taskbar.

Weather details will now appear on the left side of a center-aligned taskbar. Meanwhile, the weather widget will appear on the left side of the screen when users hover over the weather in the taskbar.

There are many other improvements awaiting us and we are sure that Microsoft will give more and more voice to its users to make the Windows operating system easy and comfortable to use.

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