Smartphones, this is how young people use them

A worrying picture is what emerges from a new survey conducted by Moige (Italian Parents Movement) in collaboration with the thePiepoli Institute and which has as its object the relationship of children with the Web and its dangers.

The survey in question was conducted on a sample of 1,144 minors and does nothing but confirm that in 2021 their world has practically moved to the smartphone displays replacing some of the time previously spent chatting with friends, experiencing family experiences, and watching television.

How many dangers are hidden in the smartphone

And obviously, the most time spent on the Web exposes children to its risks, among which a prominent place belongs to fake news which proliferates on the Net and “effects” 56% of very young people: after all, this should not surprise too much if we consider that 4 out of 5 Italian children are informed about the events that are happening in the world through the Web and in particular on social networks.

But there are also other dangers linked to the abuse of the Web by the very young and one of them is represented by the tendency to isolate themselves this phenomenon has increased in high school children and is not easy for parents to control.

Between social networks most used by young Italians, there are above all Instagram And TikTok, used not only to find out about what is happening in the world but also to tell and share with others the most important moments of one’s life. Unfortunately, this aspect also hides pitfalls: 6% of young people interviewed declared that they had exchanged personal photos with others via social media while 30% confessed to having given their phone number to strangers.

Finally, among the dangers of the Web and social networks, cyberbullying and over half of the kids who witness bullying do not know how to behave or ignore it.

You can find all the data relating to this survey