Snoop Dogg sells 10,000 NFT avatars on The Sandbox metaverse

Metaverse, NFT, cryptocurrencies And Snoop Dogg. How do they all fit together? But thanks to The Sandbox, obviously! The blockchain-based platform, which we talked about in this article, has started a new collaboration with the rapper, all dedicated to the sale of very nice avatar customized, some of which reflect the appearance of Snoop Dogg in his most famous video clips. The avatars available will be only 10,000 and can only be purchased by February 24, 2022.

The avatar of Snoop Dogg are sold in the form of NFT on the official website of The Sandbox, which you can reach by clicking on this link. To spice up the sale, there is a very particular mechanic: the 10,000 avatars available are different at the level of raritybut you can only buy a closed box. Only after the purchase will you be able to find out which one you have purchased. Below we leave you the table with the amount of avatars depending on the rarity.

  • Human: 63%
  • Blue: 11%
  • Aliens: 10%
  • Zombie: 7%
  • Dogg: 5%
  • Robot: 3%
  • Golden: 1%

A third of the avatars on sale have a unique design, such as i Dope Doggiescreated by The Sandbox artist team together with Snoop Dogg and Classic Doggies inspired by the artist’s discography. All the others have been automatically generated but are nevertheless produced as absolutely unique pieces.

The price of each avatar in the collection dedicated to Snoop Dogg is equal to 150 SANDwhich currently correspond to € 420 about. The SAND is the cryptocurrency used within The Sandboxwhose value is constantly fluctuating, so the cost in euros could radically change in the next few hours.

Once you have purchased an avatar, you will be able to use it within the metaverse of The Sandbox or resell it on the online market, perhaps aiming to make it a collector’s item. If you are one of the lucky buyers of a rare avatar, you could resell it at a cost much higher than the list price. For more information, you can take a look at the dedicated page to this addresswhile below you will find some examples of avatars from the Snoop Dogg collection.