Do you want perfect toast? This vintage toaster is elegant and very cheap!

Many offers published today by Amazon but the surprises are not over yet and we want to point out a perfect product for passionate about vintage design. We are talking about a toaster with a 50s design, specifically theVintage Aries 155which you can buy today for only € 34.99.

If we consider the recommended price, the savings is 36%, never so high for this product with a design that winks at a bygone era. The well-known Italian manufacturer has taken into account the vintage style, without neglecting modern technology, which is why Vintage Aries 155 is a toaster capable of preparing perfect toasts just like any other self-respecting model would.

Vintage Aries 155 can prepare 2 toasts at the same time and will allow you to choose 6 levels of toasting using a front handle, also in vintage style, with an analog hand that will show you on which level of toasting the appliance is set.

In addition to aesthetics, Vintage Aries 155 boasts a sturdy and compact structure that thanks to a series of tricks will allow you to store it easily in small spaces. In addition, the removable crumb tray will allow you to remove the crumbs effortlessly, making it a perfect piece of furniture for your kitchen. Ariete, on the other hand, is a leader in the creation of colorful products with a unique design, and this toaster exactly reflects the soul of the brand.

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Buy Ariete Vintage 155 for € 34.99 instead of € 55.00discount of 36%

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