Sony 4K 75 “Smart TV 350 € off! Perfect for gaming!

We inform you that Mediaworld offers, Just for today, a 75-inch Sony smart TV at a much more affordable price than the original. The discount involves what can still be defined today as one of the latest televisions produced by the company, although new models have been announced in recent weeks, which will arrive on the market later on.

The proposal focuses on the excellent 75-inch Sony KD75X82Ja smart TV from which Mediaworld has taken away € 350.00, allowing you to buy it a € 1,299.00 instead of € 1,649.00. We are talking about a cutting-edge smart TV, equipped with all the trappings that allow it to be among the best in its category. True top-of-the-range specifications, which are not limited only to the 4K HDR panel, but also to sophisticated solutions such as the Motionflow XRwhich allow it to be an excellent smart TV also for gaming, a sector in which televisions are appearing more and more.

While having a panel with a standard native refresh rate, the Sony KD75X82J manages to simulate frame rates much higher than the classic 60Hz, creating and adding the latter among the original ones very quickly. The result is comparable to that of a native 100Hz panel, if not more, and that’s why the Sony KD75X82J should interest not only cinema lovers but also gamers, who will also be able to count on a 75-inch panel to ensure that involvement reaches the apex of this sector.

Another factor that Sony has worked hard to make possible Sony KD75X82J to have very little competition is the contrast. Unlike what happens normally, Sony’s solution remaster HDR in real time on every single object present on the screen, reproducing it with deeper, more realistic colors and more detailed textures. This results in a perfect viewing experience, so splendid that there are very few models capable of competing with this TV. There Sony KD75X82J also places great importance on the audio part, managing to bypass the limits relating to the subtlety of the smart TV, offering an audio quality capable of being appreciated during movies and music.

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Buy Sony KD75X82J for only 1,299 € instead of € 1,649discount of 350 €

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