Steam Deck: New tool to control compatible games

A few days after the release of Steam Deck, Valve has launched a new feature which allows you to check immediately which and how many games from your Steam library are compatible with the handheld console.

The new system is extremely simple and fast: just go to the following address (Link) and log into your Steam account. Once logged in, all the games in your library will be divided into the following categories: Deck Verified Games, Deck Playable Games, Deck Games Not Supported, Deck Not Tested Games.

Valve then points out that “new” games are tested every day accordingly the list of products compatible with Steam Deck is constantly updated and invites users to consult the page regularly.

Listed below are the games in your Library that we have tested so far. Check back often for updates, as we test new games every day.

Please note that the new portable console will be available starting February 28 for those who have made reservations. Starting from 7 pm tomorrow (February 25), those who have booked the device will in fact receive an e-mail containing the instructions to complete the purchase and from that moment on you will have 72 hours to complete the transaction and receive your own Steam Deck.