Telegram Beta receives reactions to messages and the spoiler function

Telegram continues to be enriched with new functions and today we are talking about two Announcements which, after appearing in the Beta of the app for iOS, have landed in the latest version of the one for Android: the anti-spoiler filter and the reactions to messages.

Telegram Beta 8.4 for Android: the news of the update

The developers of Telegram do not stop and in the latest version beta for Android, the 8.4, the two functions mentioned at the beginning have been introduced, both of which have been the subject of previous sightings on iOS.

As you can see from the GIFs below, activating the anti-spoiler filter is very simple: within the chats, simply press and hold to highlight the text you are about to send and then select the “spoiler” option ”In the pop-up menu. In this way, the text is obscured until the recipient decides to tap to reveal it. The interesting detail is that the spoiler function can be used both on the whole message and on single parts or words.

As for the reactions to messages in the form of emojis, there are eleven that you can choose to react to a message. Here too there is a curiosity: it is possible to add reactions both received and sent messages.

Finally, in Telegram beta 8.4 a winter-themed background with falling snowflakes was added – a bit late.

How to update Telegram for Android

As we have anticipated, these new features are only available in Telegram Beta 8.4 for Android, which is not available on the Google Play Store. To download the latest version on the latter you can click on the badge below, instead of installing Telegram Beta 8.4 and enjoying all the latest news you can refer to Microsoft App Center.

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