Telepass Family, no fee for new subscriptions

Telepass launches a new initiative with Eni Live Station limited to March 15, 2022: numerous advantages with the possibility for users to activate Telepass without fee.

The initiative promoted by Telepass and Eni Live Station offers, until March 15, 2022, the possibility of activating a new subscription contract Telepass Family at no cost for the first 9 months. The offer includes additional benefits, such as a free fee of up to 6 months for European Roadside Assistance and a toll reimbursement included in case of delay due to an accident.

The partnership between Telepass and Eni since July last year intends to facilitate accessibility to services: at the Telepass Points in Eni Live Stations, it is already possible to open a Telepass Family contract, activate roadside assistance and, recently, also for customers Business (Telepass with Viacard), collect and replace the Telepass device ordered online. In addition, in Eni Live Stations, both served and hyperself, you can pay for fuel through the Telepass Pay app, thus making refueling easier, both on the motorway and in the city.

All users interested in activating the contract will be able to go to one of the Eni Live Station which host the Telepass Points.

It is important to remember that Telepass Family gives the possibility to pay the motorway toll and to access the affiliated car parks using the reserved lane and paying the stop automaticallytogether with the possibility of paying for the Milan Area C and paying the ticket to cross the Strait of Messina by ferry without getting out of the car.

Thanks to the partnership with Eni and the introduction of Telepass Points at Eni Live Stations, Telepass is even closer to its customers, old and new, with a widespread service throughout the country. This allows us to continue on our path to make life easier for people on the move, on the motorway and in the city, also through the promotions to cancel the fee. said Francesco Maria Cenci, Telepass Head of Toll Unit & Sales Channel.