Tesla, in the future yoke could be joined by a circular one at the wheel

Tesla could take a step back on the flying yoke. In fact, if until recently the company claimed that it did not plan to offer an option for a traditionally shaped steering wheel, things now seem to change.

The notorious hacker “Green “analyzing in detail the code that manages the Model S, he found new options that would allow him to choose between the steering yoke or a circular one. This would be an important novelty, given that when the Tesla Model S with the “butterfly” steering was presented, there were not a few concerns expressed about it.

In particular, several motorists argued that that type of steering it could have complicated some maneuvers, especially in the presence of icy roads. Still on the steering, the company has also received criticism on the absence of levers to choose the driving mode. On this point, however, the CEO Elon Musk has always reiterated that “all inputs are an error”.