This War of Mine: Developers donate profits to the Ukrainian Red Cross

To support and help the Ukrainian Red Cross, currently engaged in dealing with the wounded due to the Russian invasion, the developers of This War of Mine have launched a decidedly splendid initiative. The announcement came via Twitter and it is one of the many initiatives that various development studios, Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian, have taken to help the civilian population and the military committed to repelling the Russian regime.


As announced on the social network, 11 bit Studios (which is a Polish studio) has decided to donate all proceeds which will follow from sales of the game to the Ukrainian Red Cross. “Today the Russian military attacked Ukraine, a free country, which are our neighbors. We created This War of Mine as a globally recognized anti-war game. We are against this act ”, reads the twitter. “For the next seven days, all proceeds from the game and DLC sales will go to the Ucrania Red Cross.”

This initiative is platform independent. That is, they will contain all sales and not just PCs. An initiative which was then followed by that of GOG, owned by CD Projekt. “After the decision of 11 bit Studios, we have decided to support the cause as well. All sales on the game on our platform will go to Ukranian Red Cross “, a spokesman a VGC.

There are many initiatives currently involving the video game industry. Raw Fury invited everyone to donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross, as well as Bungie who opted to donate to Game2Give, to help them create a humanitarian aid corridor. The developers of the STALKER series, on the other hand, opted to ask for donations from the Ukrainian army, which is much smaller than the Russian one and which needs support to avoid the fall of the nation.