Tesla, new accusations of racism in the Fremont factory

Unfortunately, the news is not new to us, but this time it seems that the authorities have been very interested in the issue: the Tesla which until a few months ago was also the headquarters of the company, located in Fremontin California, it was accused of racism widespread against African American employeeswhich on countless occasions have reported unseemly incidents committed by managers and other workers in the company.

The California regulatory agency that deals with workplace discrimination has released an official statement through its director, Kevin Kish, which reads:

“After receiving hundreds of complaints from workerswe found evidence that the Tesla plant in Fremont is a workplace where the racial segregation towards African Americans it is still present, with insults and discrimination in work assignments, discipline, salary and promotion opportunities, thus creating a hostile work environment. “

According to what the Department of Fair Employment and Housing of California, black workers hired at the Fremont factory would routinely hear cdepartment heads and managers express themselves with racial epithets, in addition to having reported several episodes of racist graffiti written on the walls of the factory; one employee claims to hear between 50 and 100 racist slurs a day, while others claim to always receive more physically demanding taskshaving to undergo a stricter discipline and being systematically surpassed in the hierarchies of those who earn a promotion.

Tesla, for its part, replied by claiming to be the only car company still producing in California, underlining how well it uses 30,000 people in his factory, of which 10% would be of African American origin and 4% of these would hold a leadership role; despite this, in 2021 Tesla had to recognize a compensation of 137 million dollars to a former employee of his who accused them of creating a hostile work environment of the Fremont factory.