Tesla plans to offer a traditional steering wheel on the Model S and X?

When Tesla presented the restyling of the Model S and Model X, it struck a lot shape of the new steering wheel which was then renamed “yoke“At first it was thought that once on the market, cars would have a traditionally shaped steering wheel or that customers would be given a choice anyway. Indeed, there had been some clues to this effect including a series of prototypes of the cars intercepted on the road and equipped with a traditionally shaped steering wheel.

Instead, Elon Musk later confirmed that his new Model S and Model X would only have the new steering wheel. We have talked about the doubts about this choice and the problems that various users have had in having to get used to the new steering wheel. We also know that Tesla has released a number of software improvements to optimize handling of the yoke steering wheel. The same manufacturer, moreover, over time has admitted that there were some aspects to improve, especially on the management of the touch controls on the steering wheel.

Furthermore, Tesla has made it known that he is working on progressive steering which would allow to solve some problems in the use of the yoke steering wheel in some driving situations. However, such a solution is still a long way off. In fact, it will take several years before his arrival.

Apparently, it is possible that Tesla has decided to take a small step back. In fact, the well-known “Green” hacker who has often dealt with finding hidden news within the code of the updates of American electric cars, has discovered a very interesting thing.

In fact, he spotted in an update of Tesla’s service tools a reference to the possibility of being able to choose between the yoke steering wheel and the traditional one. A sign that the American manufacturer will offer customers the possibility of having a classic steering wheel? Everything is possible. However, Elon Musk has always been clear in the past. The orders for the new Model S and Model X are also very high and we already know that the manufacturer is struggling to fulfill them. Therefore there seems to be no need for this change. However, what has been identified is interesting. All that remains is to wait to see if Tesla will really take a small step back to offer a classic steering wheel on its Model S and Model X too.