The Batman: Jeffrey Wright on the importance of superheroes

The star of The Batman Jeffrey Wright explained the popularity of comic book characters, giving his own take on the success of superheroes. Looking forward to seeing Wright go from James Bond’s unfortunate shoulder in No Time To Die As the new commissioner Gordon in The Batman, the actor has shown his point of view on the popularity of comics in modern culture.

The Batman: Jeffrey Wright on the importance of superheroes

During an interview with Screen Rant for The BatmanJeffrey Wright explained the popularity of comics, analyzing how since the early years of the new millennium the production of films inspired by comic book characters has made its relevance felt within the world of entertainment, a success that does not yet seem come to an end.

Whether it’s from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DECU, superhero movies are a now established presence in cinemas, and also referring to The Batman Jeffrey Wright gave his vision of this phenomenon:

“There’s a very personal relationship that develops between the audience and these franchises, with the comics and their characters. This is why we want to do justice to these heroes, but we also want to honor this passion. And here we are, there is no doubt about this aspect, and I understand how all this is possible. The eighty years of this franchise has allowed, and I say this referring to the present, for people to trust these characters, I know them. They can place their trust in them, especially at a time when they choose to trust everything. There are probably people who struggle to trust something, but they know where they can find themselves in these stories. I believe they are extremely important for this very reason. I think that’s why people are able to trust them, it’s not a trivial thing, it’s a result that also involves responsibilities “

A responsibility that is now up to The Batmanto be released in Italian cinemas on March 3.