These smart RGB lights cost less than € 47, and are perfect for gaming and cinema!

We point out that, on Amazon, there is a small offer dedicated to the excellent ones Zuukoo LED smart lampsquickly become one of the most popular alternatives to much more famous (and expensive) brands such as Philips HUEespecially thanks to their exceptional quality / price ratio.

Favorite of gamers and cinema enthusiasts, who also buy them to give a certain atmosphere to their home cinema station, the Zuukoo lampsOn their own, they already have a very attractive price, as the pair sells for just € 54.98, which is what the price of a single competitor lamp is. Today, however, that great price is even lower thanks to Amazon, which offers them for only € 46.68!

Zuukoo LED lampsZuukoo LED lamps

A small but pleasant deal, especially considering the quality of these lamps which, with their elongated shape, are perfect for being placed, for example, behind a smart TV or a screen, radiating their light so that it acts as a background. to movies, video games or TV series.

In this sense, the Zuukoo lamps also have a small integrated sensor, capable of capturing audio, so as to modify the light emitted in real time in order to “adapt” it to the visual experience. Obviously the result is not the same as the Philips “Ambilight” TVs, but the atmosphere is still pleasant, and the effect is very satisfying.

Controllable via app in a comfortable and efficient way, the Zuukoo lamps they can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, are dimmable, and they offer 19 presetsso as to adapt perfectly to any situation, be it the accompaniment of a game session, or the relaxing lighting of the home environment.

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In short, a really tasty product which, in itself, is sold at a very good price, and which today can be yours at an even lower and more attractive figure. A small deal that, as always, finds space among the many offered by Amazon, which you can find through the offers page of the portal.

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Buy Zuukoo smart lamps for € 46.68 instead of € 54.9815% discount

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