A Hyundai invention could change the way the trunk is opened

Cars, for a certain type of public such as that of enthusiasts, can offer a certain charm and interest, while for the vast majority of users it simply represents a tool capable of leading them from point A to point B. Perhaps for this reason, many builders are at work to develop increasingly comfortable solutions capable of offering superior habitability and without compromise; In this regard, Hyundai aims to offer a more congenial and above all practical trunk opening system.

Modern crossovers, as they are designed, have a rear door hinged very high which creates a wide opening that is often not usable properly. How many times has it happened to you not to be able to open the trunk with the car parked on the street? The cause is due to the design of the tailgate itself and to its structure. Hyundai aims to solve this problem by introducing a new design that involves the use of a sliding system; unearthed by CarBuzz, the new patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) highlights that this system could arrive on cars such as Hyundai Ioniq 5, Tucson, Santa Fe and Palisade. Instead of pivoting and opening upward, the tailgate will essentially mimic the sliding door of a minivan and slide onto the roof of the crossover or SUV.

At the moment the mechanism devised by Hyundai is not yet clear and we do not know when and if it will actually see the light; it is, to all intents and purposes, a curious engineering system which could facilitate access to the trunk in some particular scenarios. Our hope is that an opening system of this type will not further burden the car and therefore will not add too much weight to the already heavy battery solutions. Hyundai expects this system to be of particularly useful in campers and SUVs, where practicality can be a key factor. Of course there are some limitations, the main one being height; with the opening of the hatch on top of the roof, parking lots or garages could be disabling on some specific occasions.