The emblematic Spanish work “El Quijote” arrives in the world of NFTs

Don Quixote is one of the most recognized works and, according to some experts, the most emblematic of the Spanish literature of all times. At the moment a group of Spanish programmers and artists are designing the first NTF collection Based on Don Quixote of Cervantes. The idea behind this initiative is that the work becomes a collection of unique images that hide the encoded text in a mosaic of colored pixels.

Don Quixote turned into NFTs

The group of experts behind this initiative, which Prefer to remain anonymous for securityhas as one of the purposes bring Spanish heritage closer to the new digital age: “Spanish is a vehicle of universal culture and what better than the most outstanding work of Spanish literature to make the leap to this new way of understanding digital art”, highlighted one of these specialists.

Crypto Quixote will be an NFT collection of 1464 unique tokens, each of which will represent a certificate of ownership of each original. The images will collect a portion of the text of the author Cervantes and encode it in colored pixels. Each of these pixels is created by using three characters and translating their ASCII values ​​to their color code in RGB format. To carry out the reverse process, a decoder to convert images into text will be included on the project website.

Crypto Quixote Launch

The launch will take place on March 4 under the name of MuttLabs on the international platform OpenSea from that very day. Interest in NFTs has grown a lot in recent months due to million-dollar sales and the participation of well-known characters in their creation or sale. Crypto Quixote aims to attract collectors for its originality and the system that has been used to encode a literary work in images with the help of the blockchain.

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