the fix for an annoying bug is coming

Even the smartphones of the Google Pixel series from time to time suffer from annoying bugs and an example is represented by the one encountered by the owners of Google Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro after installing the February 2022 security patch update.

In Netin fact, the reports of owners of the new smartphones of the Mountain View giant relating to a problem with WiFi and in the past few hours it was the same Google team to confirm the existence of this bug, assuring users that the fix will be released with the March security update.

The fix for the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro WiFi problem is coming

According to what is learned, the problem in question occurs when the smartphone is locked: the device, in fact, deactivates the WiFi connectivity and it is up to users to reactivate it manually and proceed to the choice of the network to connect to.

On Reddit a member of the Google team confirmed that the Mountain View giant acknowledged the existence of such a problem and he was also able to identify its cause, adding that this bug should have affected only a small circle of devices.

Obviously the Google developer team is aware that such a problem is capable of making the experience of using the smartphone frustrating to say the least and therefore immediately set to work to find a solution, which will be implemented with the next Google Pixel Update, which will be released in March.

Finally, the Google team member invites users who have encountered this problem to contact the Mountain View giant for assistance.

Pending the availability of the update next month, a possible remedy could be to install Android 12L Beta 3 (available for a couple of weeks), which seems to solve the bug.

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