The Haikyu manga !! The Asso del Volley arrives on newsstands with La Gazzetta dello Sport

The manga Haikyu !! The Ace of Volleyballwritten and drawn by Haruichi Furudate and published entirely in Italy by the publishing house Star Comics (you can retrieve it on Amazon!), which a few days ago announced the Collection Editionhe arrives in Italian newsstands in a new edition PrimaEdicola license platea brand owned by m-dis Media Distribuzione.

Comes to newsstands the Haikyu manga !! The Ace of Volleyball

The Haikyu manga !! The Ace of Volleyball will debut at newsstands attached with The Gazzetta dello Sport on March 4 at the price of 4.99 euros. The publication is scheduled on a weekly basis, for 45 weeks.

This is the description of the work:

Experience the adventures of the Karasuno high school volleyball team in the quintessential sports manga. Can two enemies for the skin reach the most incredible goals? Yes if volleyball is involved. Every week on newsstands!

The anime and the manga Haikyu !! The Ace of Volleyball

The manga was first released in Japan as a one-shot in the magazine Jump NEXT!and then published in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jumpedited by Shūeishafrom February 2012 to July 2020. In Italy from November 27, 2014 the manga is published by Star Comics which announced its conclusion with number 45 published with a mini-shikishi.

Haikyu !!

The 12th issue of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump Of Shueisha has announced a new one-shot as part of the celebrations for its 10th anniversary and in this article you can read all the details.

As for the anime of Haikyu !! The Ace of Volleyball is made up for now of 4 seasons. The first was broadcast in Japan in 2014, the second between 2015 and 2016, the third in 2016 and the fourth, entitled Haikyu !! To The Topwas broadcast in 2020. In Italy they are all available in Italian subtitled version on Prime Video after the initial spread on Man-Ga.

Some time ago Yamato Video had announced the first dubbing in Italian of Haikyu !! of which you can see the trailer in our article!