The Italian trailer of Too Bad

Universal Pictures released the Italian trailer of Too Bad, the new animated film based on the successful book series by Aaron Blabey, and directed by Pierre Perifel (animator of Kung Fu Panda), in his directorial debut. The film is produced by Damon Ross (producer of Trolls, The Boss Baby, co-producer of Nacho Libre) and Rebecca Huntley (associate producer of The Boss Baby). Executive producers are Aaron Blabey, Etan Cohen and Patrick Hughes.

Italian trailer of Too Bad

Release date, Italian voices e Italian trailer of Too Bad

In Too Bad, by DreaWorks Animation, a criminal gang of animals is about to attempt its most challenging scam: becoming model citizens. Too Bad is expected in Italian cinemas on March 31st. The Italian voices are: Andrea Perroni (Mister Wolf), Edoardo Ferrario (Mister Snake), Francesco De Carlo (Mister Shark), Valerio Lundini (Mister Piranha), Margherita Vicario (Miss Tarantola), Saverio Raimondo (Professor Jam) and Paola Michelini (Governor Foxington).

Italian trailer of Too Bad
Italian trailer of Too Bad

Here is the Italian trailer of Too Bad:

Here is the official synopsis:

There have never been five friends as well-known as the Too Bad – the charming pickpocket Mister Wolf (Andrea Perroni), Mister Snake the burglar who saw them all (Edoardo Ferrario), the icy master of disguise Mister Shark (Francesco De Carlo ), the “muscular” Mister Piranha (Valerio Lundini) and the expert hacker with a sharp tongue Miss Tarantola (Margherita Vicario), aka “Web”. But when, after years of countless robberies and being the most wanted criminals in the world, the gang is finally captured, Mister Wolf decides to make a deal (which he has no intention of keeping) to save them all from prison: the Too Bad will become good. Under the guidance of their mentor, Professor Jam (Saverio Raimondo), an arrogant (but adorable!) Guinea pig, the Too Bad Guys will pretend to the world that they have turned into good guys. Along the way, however, Mister Wolf begins to understand that doing good for real can give him what he has always secretly wanted: acceptance. So when a new villain comes to town, Mister Wolf will be able to convince the other gang members to become … Good?