FIFA will no longer exist? EA can really ditch the license

As reported by Tom Henderson (along with VGC), the idea that Electronic Arts could abandon the FIFA license is more concrete than ever. Already towards the end of 2021 the first alleged disagreements between the US publisher and the sports reality had emerged and now it seems that there is no more space to mend relations.

FIFA and PES are now reaching ever higher standards.

It all started with an internal meeting in November, where EA CEO Andrew Wilson made some decidedly vitriolic comments license comparisons of FIFA. “For us it has always been a hindrance to the ambitions of the game,” Wilson told the developers. The CEO then added that the “government” of football would have prevented the franchise from evolving and going beyond the classic game model we know today.

During the meeting, Wilson allegedly used very harsh words about the license. According to the CEO of Electronic Arts, until the soccer world cup is played, the license of FIFA it would be practically useless. “It’s just four words on a box,” the CEO reported at this meeting. A sign of how EA is probably no longer willingas a company, to move forward with a brand that it no longer considers useful for growth.

We clearly cannot know if the meeting was actually held, but knowing the high reliability of Tom Henderson and VGC, it is very likely that something really happened. At the moment EA can take advantage of the FIFA license up to this year: the deadline is in fact set at the start of the next edition of the World Cup, scheduled in Qatar in December. In all likelihood, this year’s chapter will be the final one. How and what will be the future of EA’s football simulator, at the moment it is not yet known.

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