the price is SHOCK (12 €)

An intriguing pair of Bluetooth headsets with semi in ear design and decidedly particular aesthetics. The charging case certainly does not go unnoticed and is a pleasure to look at. Great audio quality, enhanced bass and an absolutely ridiculous price on it Amazon. Thanks to the promotion of the moment, you can take it home for around € 12. How to do? Very simple: put the product in the cart, apply the code “YNVI9DGV” and quickly complete the order. Also enjoy fast and free shipping, guaranteed by Prime services.

A compact wearable, super practical thanks to the comfort during use and wireless connectivity. This makes it perfect for use in a variety of settings, both at home and during sports. You can pair it with smartphones, PCs, tablets and more without any problem.

Super-priced Bluetooth headsets on Amazon

An interesting wearable that, as can be guessed from the images, strikes first of all from an aesthetic point of view. A strong character, so much so as to make it perfect even to combine with others gaming accessories. It is no coincidence that this gem is equipped with a mode dedicated to the game.

The semi in ear design allows you to wear them for hours without suffering particular discomfort. THE 10mm driver allow you to enjoy excellent audio quality, enhanced bass and more. You can also use them to talk on the phone without any problem.

Support at gesture by touch it will allow you to manage music and phone calls directly on the headphones, without having to take the smartphone every time. Also good energy autonomy, thanks to the presence of the case which – in addition to protecting the wearable – also takes care of recharging the headphones while they are not in use.

In short, an absolutely pleasant product from an aesthetic point of view, but also complete on a technical level. At this price, a no-hassle tech whim is definitely worth taking off. Taking advantage of the promotion Amazon of the moment, these Bluetooth headsets you take them home for about € 12 just: put the product in the cart, apply the code “YNVI9DGV” and complete the order on the fly to take advantage of it. Fast and free shipping, guaranteed by Prime services. Limited promo availability.

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