The Samsung Galaxy S22s have over a million pre-orders in South Korea

Pre-orders for the series Galaxy S22 Of Samsung they started with a bang: it seems that in South Korea they have been registered over a million pre-ordersbeating the previous record set with the launch of the series Galaxy S8now presented 5 years ago.

Samsung had predicted a high demand for its new top range, well before the launch of the smartphones: the manufacturer was surprised by the levels of demand in markets, such as the Indian one, on which Samsung he did not believe that high-cost smartphones such as its top-of-the-range ones would hit the mark.

Number of pre-orders in South Korea beyond all expectations

According to a report from the South Korean portal ZDNetin South Korea they have been preordered over 1.02 million units of the new series Galaxy S22 in just 8 days, numbers that slightly exceed those who Samsung had made record with the series Galaxy S8 (1.4 million units in 11 days).

Another surprising data concerns the day-one sales: the Galaxy S22 series it sold well 300,000 units on the first day of sale of the new smartphones, beating the previous record of 270,000 units recorded last August with the launch of the leaflets Galaxy Z Fold3 And Galaxy Z Flip3.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the most sought after

The most sought after model among the three members of the Galaxy S22 series is the flagship model, the Galaxy S22 Ultra: according to the aforementioned report, over 60% of the pre-orders registered are attributable to him. The reasons for this success in terms of sales would be attributable to having absorbed the users of the “retired” series Galaxy Noteattracted by the possibility of finding the distinctive characteristics of a Note in Galaxy S22 Ultra.

On the other hand, users all over the world will be forced to wait weeks, or even months, before being able to get their hands on one of the new Galaxy S22: this is, more or less, understandable due to all the situations related to the persistent shortage of chips and ongoing supply chain disruptions.

To make matters worse and further contribute to lengthening these waiting times, the poor performance recorded by has undoubtedly affected Samsung in the production of the SoCs used for their Galaxy S22, their own Exynos 2200 and it Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 produced on behalf of Qualcomm from Samsung itself, which prompted Qualcomm to knock on the door of TSMC to run for cover.

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