The Sandbox: Snoop Dogg sells his avatars, in the metaverse collectibles go crazy

With the advent of the metaverse, more and more companies are experimenting with new gaming experiences and interactions between users. This new way of interacting on the web is intriguing many, and for now, one of the most interesting platforms on the square is definitely The Sandbox. To expand their content, in this platform well-known rapper Snoop Dogg has put his avatars up for salecreating a system of collecting within the metaverse.

The Sandbox

Owning something that remembers the artists you love the most: this has always been the spring that has pushed fans of music stars to buy T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, mugs and more with the image of their favorites. Now this form of collecting it moves from the real world to the metaverse. Snoop Dogg, world famous rapper, actor and music producer sells 10,000 avatars created in his own image and likeness, with that one touch of whimsy only possible in the metaverse The Sandbox.

A third of avatars for sale have a unique design, like the Dope Doggies, created by The Sandbox artist team together with Snoop Dogg and the Classic Doggies inspired by the artist’s discography. All the others have been automatically generated but are nevertheless produced as absolutely unique pieces. The ten thousand avatars are divided into categories of different rarity.

Each purchase costs 150 SAND, the currency used in the metaverse, and will allow users of The Sandbox to stand out with a unique character to use in the mansion that Snoop Dogg is building inside the metaverse, but also outside in other experiences, starting with the new Alpha Season that will be announced very soon. The sale is scheduled from 22 to 23 February for users who have access to the early pass, recognized for the owners of some NFTs, and from 23 to 24 February for all others.

The buyer will carry out the purchase and only at a later time will discover the type and rarity of the avatar assigned with a mechanism similar to a lottery. Since each avatar is an NFT, whoever buys them can then resell them on the market, triggering a form of collecting that stems from the rarity of the piece but also from the fact that some of these avatars will be used in the new Snoop Dogg video clip which will be shot entirely at interior of The Sandbox.

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