This gagdet in the car, behind the wheel: look mom, WITHOUT HANDS

Driving carefully is not something to do because you are told, but it responds to something called civic sense. Before saving yourself, you have to think that you have people near you. This is why using your mobile phone while you are behind the wheel is exasperating. However, if you need to find a destination, there are solutions to suit your case. With this product? You are a fairy tale. It’s a magnetic cell phone holder that keeps your smartphone display in plain sight, without you having to touch it.

With Amazon you barely pay for it € 13.71 if you get the coupon on the fly and take advantage of the double promotion in progress. However, I recommend that you select the destination or start the playlist you like best before driving.

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Magnetic phone holder: a must in the car

It is a real gem because it can be placed wherever you want. In fact, he arrives home with two different hooks then fix it either by using the 3M double-sided tape or by mounting the piece that locks into the air conditioning nozzle.

Once you have chosen its position, you just have to hook the smartphone using the magnetic attachment. In horizontal, in vertical, do not make any problems. He is very strong and at the first hole it does not disappoint you. In fact, the magnet is so enhanced that it could hold four smartphones at the same time.

magnetic car phone holder

Simply a life turnaround, you must have it. I let you know that in the package you will find everything you need to assemble it in a second or two.

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