Get out of the car and it finds its place in a parking lot by itself. Tesla is working on the function

Tesla always looking for new solutions to amaze and automate, and the latest invention could be a new feature of “automatic parking“, which should allow users to automatically park in a parking lot.

The function, called “Reverse Summon“, may be part of the package Full Self-Driving (FSD) and will work in a similar way, but in reverse, to the previous “Smart Summon“by Tesla, which gives instructions to the vehicle when the owner does not want to return to the parking lot alone, and differs from the function Autopark existing, which can only be used while the driver is in the car.

If the “Reverse Summon” function is implemented, it will surely have many practical uses. Think for example in case of rain it will give you the opportunity to get off at the entrance of a shopping center near the outdoor parking while the car finds the place by itself. According to recent indiscretionsthe function will have three optionssuch as ordering the car to stop “closer to the door”, “near the recycling trolley” or “at the end of the parking lot”.

It `s important to note that there is no official confirmation regarding this feature, as the source is a Reddit thread claiming to be close to a Tesla insider. However, the confirmation of Note TeslaAppa rather well-known site, the functionality gives the news a kind of credibility.