Elden Ring, the reviews are a SUCCESS: what the press says

The Elden Ring reviews have finally come out: the specialized press has commented on the new game by From Software, the Japanese team that gave us the Dark Souls trilogy, as well as giving life to projects like Bloodborne and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. As expected, the general response is truly amazing: so far all the reviews published on the net speak of a game capable of offering not only the best of what has been the soulslike experience in recent years, but also of scoring a new paradigm for genderwhich will also mark the future productions of the Japanese studio.

VideoGamesChronicles.comwhich awarded Elden Ring with a 100/100, speaks of a fantastic product capable of still giving the unparalleled thrill of defeating a tough boss after a battle lasting hours. What the title proposes, explains the magazine, is something souls-like fans have always wanted.

A “perfect score” also comes from the likes of IGN, Game Informer and Gamespot, not to mention GamesBeat, GamesRadar, The Guardian and VG247.com. There are those who still prefer not to rate, testifying to the immense amount of content promised by the game, but it already describes Elden Ring as the natural next step for From Software.

Elden Ring, the reviews and ratings from the press so far

So let’s go and collect some reviews and votes assigned by the specialized press:

Elden Ring is proposed as a sort of spiritual sequel to all that was the soulslike philosophy that began with Demon’s Souls and then expanded and concretized definitively with the Dark Souls trilogy. By placing everything in an unprecedented context open worldaspires to be a production capable of offering the best of From Software games and more.

The game will be available from February 25 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.