This LG 8K smart TV is a bargain! 65 “inches in very high definition, 1200 € discount !!!

Are you looking for a smart TV for your home cinema corner? So, believe us, you will hardly find a better opportunity than this! We would like to point out, in fact, that the spectacular smart TV is available on Comet 65 ″ Lg Nanocell Qned 8Kwhich arrived on the market just a few months ago, and already available with one discount of over 100 euros!

You got it right! A smart TV with 8K resolution, mini LED technology, and a 65-inch diagonal, is now available at a very discounted price: in fact we are talking about € 1,799.00against the original price of € 2,999.00, for a net saving of 1,200 €! Basically the price of a second high quality TV!

An extraordinary deal, made even more attractive by the resolution of this TV which, thanks to its panel 8Kwill guarantee you a future-proof visual spectacleWhether it is content like movies or TV series, whether it be gaming, which is the only fringe where 8K content are about to arrive with regularity.

From a technical point of view there are no compromises: the Lg Nanocell Qned is a modern smart TV, backed by years of experience from LG which, not surprisingly, is today one of the best known and most respected brands in the industryAnd also in the field of 8K, the company is no exception!

This 65 ″ Lg Nanocell Qnedin fact, it boasts a processor with artificial intelligence which, using algorithms of deep-learning, analyzes and improves the contents, so as to bring them as close as possible to the 8K standard, even if they are not native 8K. The result is a fluid, dynamic, “lively image”In its cleanliness and its colors, made extraordinary by the new functionality “Scene Detection”which analyzes each scene on the screen in real time, in order to optimize it to the fullest.

To amplify the experience of an unparalleled visual show, this one Lg Nanocell Qned it also boasts a panel with mini LED technologywhich thanks to infinitesimal points of light, manages to offer a truly excellent contrast, making the bright areas clear, and amplifying the difference with blacks with millimeter precision, thus increasing the depth of the images and the overall quality of the details.

Equipped with every smart function required by the market, including compatibility with Google and Amazon voice assistants, this one Lg Nanocell Qned And excellent even from the acoustic point of viewhaving analysis software that identifies voices, effects and frequencies to optimize the sound according to the type of audio, thus ensuring a cinema-worthy experience!

In short, let’s talk about the definitive smart TV che, thanks to the price proposed by Comet, can only be purchased by anyone looking for the best of the best at the highest definition offered by the market, which is why we send you back to the product page right away, so that you can complete your purchase before prices return to their original value. Before that, we also suggest you take a look at the page that Comet has dedicated to its offersso that you can take a look at all the current promotions.

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Buy the 65 ″ Lg Nanocell Qned 8K for € 1,799.00 instead of € 2,999.0040% discount

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