TikTok wants longer videos: users reject the hypothesis

It may be a good idea to make 10 minute videos on TikTok? No, according to users. The negative reaction to the hypothesis was manifested during a test phase, where the developers tried to offer a small group of people videos that lasted from five to ten minutes. The users involved, however, have highlighted some perplexity regarding the novelty, stating that the videos longer than a minute are downright stressful.

The will of the company, however, would be to increase the duration of the videos, especially because this could generate more revenue. Five-minute videos, for example, would increase the average watch time. In any case, it would seem that in the event that this novelty should materialize, longer contents will be limited to a dedicated section. THEFinally, already in 2021 the company decided to increase the duration of videos, bringing it from 60 seconds to a limit of 3 minutes.