TIM gives 100 GB per month for 3 months to those who activate Automatic Top-up

TIM has just started a new promotional initiative for some of its customers, with the aim of encouraging the activation of the service Automatic recharge.

TIM’s offer provides that all those who will activate the Automatic Top-up service will have 100 GB free of data traffic per month for a period of 3 months. This promotion is clearly conditional on having active a paid data offer. The offer is being proposed through the app MyTIM And via SMSthis would be the text of the message:

Activate TIM Automatic Recharge and we’ll take care of your recharge! Plus you have an additional 100GB per month x 3 months, what are you waiting for? The promo expires on 25/02! Go immediately to the app.tim.it/tra or to the TIM stores. You will be notified with an SMS when the additional Giga is activated.

As you can guess from the message, the offer will be valid for one limited period of time. In the current version it seems to be available until the next one February 25. But it is not excluded that the operator will extend access to the initiative.

TIM’s Automatic Top-up service foresees that, on the renewal date of the mobile offers, will be charged on credit card, Bank account or prepaid account cards the amount of the expected monthly fee.