TIM’s first remodeling of the year takes place on 28 February 2022

As we anticipated last month, the telephone operator TIM, starting from Monday 28 February 2022, will proceed with the first remodeling of 2022. Specifically, TIM will reshape some old mobile offeringsno longer on the market, but already active for some customers.

The remodeling will consist of a increase in the monthly cost of the offer of 2 € compared to the monthly cost currently foreseen; in return, the customer will receive 20 GB of data traffic in addition to those already included in the active offer.

Who and how will TIM be affected with the first remodeling of 2022?

This first remodeling of the year by TIMgoes to touch a limited number of rechargeable offers that can no longer be subscribed, increasing its cost. The changes to the monthly price of these offers is justified by the usual “needs related to the evolution of network platforms”.

The deals involved in the remodeling are above all offers operator attack and / or winback with 50 GB of data traffic included and a monthly cost (current) of 7.99 € or 9.99 €.

The remodeling, as already mentioned at the beginning, will involve a un increase the cost of renewing the offers concerned equal to 2 € per month (VAT included); in exchange, TIM will give 20 GB per month of data traffic that will be available to customers “upon receipt of the personalized informative SMS message“.

Below is an example of the messages with which TIM has informed its customers that they will undergo the remodeling:

Contract modification: for needs related to the evolution of network platforms, from the first renewal starting from 28/2, your TIM Steel offer will cost 2 euros more per month. For you Free 20 Giga / month for 1 year that can be activated by 28/2 to 409164. By 27/2 you can withdraw from the contract or change operator, without penalties or deactivation costs, maintaining any installments or paying the installments in a single solution: fill in the ‘line termination’ and ‘right of withdrawal’ forms on tim.it or send them via PEC to recesso_linee_mobili@pec.telecomitalia.it or go to TIM stores. Info on on.tim.it/new or at 409164“.

Customers involved in the remodeling were informed by TIM through a massive communication campaign through the following means:

  • SMS with shipments made starting from January 17, 2022;
  • IVRdedicated with the preparation of the free number 409164;
  • WEBwith an information notice published on the page “For Consumers – Important Communications”, by clicking in the mobile section “News and Contractual Amendments”;
  • Customer Service 119in which the responders are available to provide all personalized detailed information.

As always, TIM customers can refer to the MyTIM section of the TIM portal – both from the web and via the official app – and to the Customer Service 119 to keep the contents and the current cost of the offers under control, even more so in the face of the modification of the contractual conditions in question.

How to exercise the right of withdrawal

As always happens in the presence of a unilateral modification of the contract conditions, customers will not be required to passively undergo it, but will eventually be able to exercise the right of withdrawal in the manner provided.

In particular, TIM reminds that, pursuant to article 98-septies decies, paragraph 5, of the Electronic Communications Code (Legislative Decree no. 259 of 1 August 2003), customers – in addition to being able to deactivate the offer subject to the change – they can withdraw from the contract or pass to another operator, without penalties or deactivation costs, by giving specific notice.

In this case, the deadline for withdrawal is set at March 31, 2022, and the right of withdrawal can be exercised through the usual procedures provided:

  • online compilation of the “Application form for termination and self-certification of line ownership”;
  • download, print, fill in and send the same form to the physical address indicated therein or, by certified email, to the address recesso_linee_mobili@pec.telecomitalia.it (attaching a copy of the required documentation);
  • sending a written communication in free form with the same contents of the linked form;
  • in a TIM shop;
  • by calling Customer Service 119.

In the event that a user involved in the remodeling also has a contract for the purchase of a product with payment in installments (for example smartphone, tablet, etc.) or has an offer with a promotion linked to the permanence of the number in TIM , the customer must follow a particular procedure:

Before making the request to deactivate the offer or to terminate the line or switch to another operator, the customer must fill in the online form “Request form for exercising the right of withdrawal” or contact Customer Service 119, so that they will not be charged any penalties and deactivation costs contractually provided for in the event of early termination of the offer. By filling out the same form, it is also possible to decide whether to keep the product in installments active or to pay the remaining installments in a single solution.

For all telephone offers of TIMwe refer you to our dedicated page.

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