Ukraine, Anonymous in cyber-war against Putin: hacker attacks for hours

“Anonymous is officially at war with Russia”. A concise message, and therefore tremendously effective: the collective hacktivist International did not take long to take sides, and those who know its history and ideals had no doubts about which of the two sides they would defend.

Someone reported that already a few hours after the start of the war operations (including cyber warfare) in Ukraine the tightness of some Russian portals was creaking, then in the afternoon the one that took on the tones of a claim by the collective arrived via Twitter international, even before yes expounded unequivocally close to the Italian midnight yesterday.

The first target after the official was Russia Today News, the main propaganda weapon used by Putin and company, went down a few hours after the announcement and still inaccessible at the time of writing. Down in the night according to Ukrainian sources also the site of the Kremlin and of Duma (the Russian representative assembly), but both are back online at the moment.

Economy and market
24 Feb

Russia-Ukraine war, the price of oil is running.  Risks of fuel increases

Economy and market
24 Feb

Then a long one message from hacker-activists entrusted to Twitter:

Anonymous is targeting the Russian government, and it is inevitable that the private sector will also suffer greatly. […] We want the Russians to know that we can imagine the difficulties of taking sides against their dictator for fear of reprisals. We, as a collective, want peace to reign in the world, for all humanity to have a future. So if people (the hackers of the collective, ed) from all over the world will tear your internet provider to pieces, know that the targets are only the Russian government and Putin. Try putting yourself in the shoes of the Ukrainian people who are being bombed right now: together we can change the world, we can resist everything. The time has come for the Russians to join in a NO to Putin’s war. We are Anonymous. We are a Legion. Expect us.

The Twitter account @YourAnonNewsattributable to the collective, is quite active in reporting the actions taken by the hacker group and at the same time strongly underlining their full opposition to what is happening in Ukraine. Their action against sensitive Russian cyber targets could intensify in the next few hours.

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