Ukraine, RAI oversight: uses a video game to document the conflict

The invasion of Russian troops against Ukraine is producing a series of theoretically never-before-seen information contents. The story is obviously deeply felt by all citizens of the world and while we all turn to the internet and television stations to keep us updated and follow their developments, it is not uncommon for some news programs to make mistakes, as done by the main channels of RAI.


In the course of today, in fact, TG1 and TG2 showed an alleged video contribution of the Russian bombing against Ukraine. However, bombings are not real: the video was in fact extrapolated from a video game, more precisely from War Thunder. A rather worrying slip, considering that the nature of the movie (ie a CGI production) can be noticed immediately, even if its specific origin is not known.

Simone Fontana, a Wired Italia journalist who deals with Fact-checking on FactaNews and Political Pagella, as well as being a collaborator of Domani. Surely this episode falls, whether we want it or not, in the field of disinformation. Exchanging video game footage for a real war report is a very serious mistake, especially when this new invasion concerns us European citizens.

In Ukraine the clashes are still ongoing and are unlikely to stop over the next few days. At the moment the whole nation is suffering terrible damage and there is a need for a joint effort by everyone, including private citizens. We therefore believe it is fair to share with you the commitment of the developers of STALKER 2: GSC Game World is in fact based in Kyiv, the state capital, which has released the IBAN with which to donate to allow citizens and the military to repel the invasion. Find all the information and the message from the developers in the tweet above.