Very Mobile formalizes the sale of refurbished smartphones

Today, Thursday 24 February 2022the virtual operator Very Mobile turns 2 and to celebrate the occasion has decided to offer its customers the opportunity to use unlimited data traffic throughout the day.

This is an initiative similar to the one already studied by Very Mobile last year for its first birthday and which is communicated to users via an SMS.

This is the text of the message sent:

2 years of Very! And also this year, for our birthday, we give the gift to you: UNLIMITED GIGA FOR THE WHOLE 24/2, to thank you for being so many who blow the candles together with us.

For the whole day today, therefore, Very Mobile customers will be able to take advantage of unlimited Giga but it is not clear if there will be limitations to the browsing speed (generally the offers of this operator provide for a maximum speed of 30 Mbps both in download and upload). .

Very Mobile formalizes the sale of refurbished smartphones

And again with regard to the virtual operator of the WINDTRE group, in the past few hours he made official the initiative we talked about last week and related to the sale of refurbished smartphones.

Basically, Very Mobile has tightened one partnership with Refurbeda company specializing in the recovery and resale of used and through smartphones your site will allow users to buy refurbished models at rather advantageous priceswith significant savings compared to what their list price would otherwise be.

In particular, the prices indicated refer to telephones sold in the “As new” condition, ie without visible scratches, tested and sanitized and with the software restored to factory conditions. Smartphones are sold with a guarantee of at least 12 months, the possibility of return within 30 days and the possibility of payment in three installments.

Those who want to save even more can choose a lower quality (such as “Very Good” and “Good”), provided they accept some signs of wear.

Once you have chosen the model to buy, you will need to enter your Very Mobile number, in order to receive a code to be entered on the Refurbed website to complete the procedure. You can find the page dedicated to refurbished smartphones on the Very Mobile website following this link.

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