Very Mobile Greetings, unlimited Giga for today! And the Refurbed iPhones arrive

2 years of Very! And also this year, for our birthday, we are giving the gift to you: UNLIMITED GIGA FOR THE WHOLE 24/2, to thank you for being so many who blow out the candles with us.

At the same time, Very Mobile has made the partnership with the German refurbished giant Refurbed. At the top of the smartphone section of the operator’s website, the banner advertising the preferential channel with Refurbed already stands out, thanks to which you can buy an iPhone, a Samsung or a smartphone from Huawei at privileged conditions.

To tell the truth, however, at the moment the catalog is not too well stocked and the Android smartphone they are not the most recent:

Side Applethe offer is more varied:

The choice has been simplified as much as possible: there are no degrees of aesthetic wear to choose from, the partnership provides that each refurbished one proposed on the portal is in the better aesthetic conditions possible, while thefunctional integrity of the product is always guaranteed by Refurbed (and to be honest by any other serious company operating in the field), that is, regardless of the grade chosen during the purchase phase.

All refurbished smartphones benefit from 12 months warranty and can be purchased in 3 installments without interest o permanence constraints in Very Mobile. Finally, Refurbed promises that for each refurbished sold will plant a tree in Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Mozambique, Kenya or Indonesia to support global reforestation. Further details on the initiative at the link in SOURCE.