YouTube copies TikTok: here is the new feature

You can finally find and access a live channel on YouTube without having to manually search for it. This is thanks to the fact that YouTube has added the Live Ring to help identify channels currently live. Read on to find out how to spot a live streaming channel and how it helps creators.

Social networks sharpen their claws for capture more and more users. Today, cloud video platforms that enable live streaming are competing hard to attract the best creators. The most recent example is offered by Youtube, which recently announced a novelty that you are certainly familiar with.

YouTube is rolling out the new Live Ring feature these days, which will help users find out which creators are streaming live. A way to show which channels are broadcasting live without cluttering the app interface.

In practice Youtube it will simply add a red ring around the avatar of the live broadcaster, as it already happens on Tiktok and Instagram.

The new feature, which arrives on our smartphones via the app, was announced by Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer, YouTube and SVP Google, through a post on his Twitter profile: “Really focused on making it easier for users to find live streaming @Youtube. We are rolling out the Live ring feature on mobile devices! The live stream will now have a ring around the channel avatar and clicking on the avatar takes you directly to the live stream. ”- says Neal Mohan

According to our team of YouTube experts from Tom’s NetworkGenerally these functions do not impact the canals in an incisive way. surely it can help a creator / influencer to reach more audiences in live shows since it immediately becomes clear that she is broadcasting live, while before to be able to see it you had to enter the channel or receive the notification “.

The battle to copy the tools that are having success in competing apps is only just beginning… who will triumph?